Administer ContentWasher over a local network

If you have ContentWasher installed on more than one computer on the local network, coming to every machine and setting everything by hand must be a pain in the neck. It turns into a real headache, if the administrator is in charge of a big computer class, or office with a large pool of computers.

To help the admin, ContentWasher allows remote administration over a local network! Using any computer attached to the local network, you can connect to the program installed on a remote machine and administer it as if you were sitting at that computer. You’ll be able to change program settings remotely, view statistics, or even play a joke on your co-workers by blocking their favorite ICQ messenger :)

Automatic synchronization of program settings is another important feature in ContentWasher. If there are dozens or hundreds of computers on the network, you can keep their settings in sync by enabling the automatic synchronization option and selecting the computer that all other machines will keep synced with. That selected computer can be on your local network, or it can be a server available via the Internet.

Network features in ContentWasher also include automatic sending of reports by email.

To administer ContentWasher over local network, you may not install the full version of program and install only the administrative module.