Down with "unsuitable" Internet!

Press Contact: Serge Zimin
Project manager

Ironically enough but the Internet can be divided into "suitable" and "unsuitable". "Suitable" Internet brings something interesting, kind and educational to our children, broadens their outlook and improves education. In the office, "suitable" Internet helps to grow your business, find new clients and evolve at a higher pace. All the rest can be defined as “unsuitable” or bad Internet. The child is kept away from websites with pornographic content, forums full of obscene words and is prevented from late hours of chatting in ICQ. Besides, it’s impermissible for employees to spend working hours chatting in Facebook, viewing video on YouTube, or playing in online casinos.

Beehive Soft today announces the release of the new version of ContentWasher. Billed as the washing machine for Internet traffic, ContentWasher filters out "unsuitable" Internet traffic and lets in only "suitable" content. Using the program, you can enjoy complete control over the Internet usage.

ContentWasher has a full set of tools to protect users from "unsuitable Internet". Unlike similar applications from other developers, ContentWasher does not require a regularly updated database of bad websites. The key function of the program is to filter incoming traffic to detect forbidden words. ContentWasher reads and analyses every web page, every ICQ message, or email. And if forbidden words are detected, the program blocks the content. ContentWasher has several categories of forbidden words (Sex, Drugs, Gambling, Religious Sects, Terrorism) but you can add your own words that you consider to be related to the notion of "unsuitable Internet".

In addition to the key features, the program allows the user to schedule access to the Internet, block sites from the black list, prevent downloads of files of various types (audio, video, Flash, torrents), provide access only to sites from the white list created by the user, schedule access to social networking sites and block ad banners.

The program administrators are most likely to love remote administration of the program over a local network. Sitting at their computer, they can change all program settings, or view statistics on Internet usage on a remote computer. If needed, ContentWasher can send statistics to the admin every day by email. If you want all computers of your network to have similar settings for filtering “suitable Internet”, then it’s easy to do when you set up synchronization of settings with a selected computer, or website in the Internet.

ContentWasher is easy to install. The program supports all modern browsers and runs on all Windows operating systems, 32 or 64-bit, including Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.


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