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Vista parental controls

Windows Vista comes with the built-in Parental Controls that provide parents the poor functionality. Unfortunately there are many things that you'll not be able to do with Vista parental controls. Therefore we've developed the great solution for parents in MS Vista!

With our parental controls solution for Vista , parents can define the time of day that the Internet, ICQ or email is available, block unapproved games or programs, and ban Web sites to restrict access to forbidden content.

Please have a look on the left part and read the full features list of our vista parental controls for you.

Our parental controls work in any operating systems from Microsoft (Windows XP, Vista, 7).

Gain some peace of mind courtesy of Vista’s Parental Controls.

Vista lets you set different restrictions for each user. So, for example, you can set up one account for your five-year-old, another for your teenager, plus one or more for the adults in the family. You can impose Parental Controls on any standard (non-administrator) account, so you may find it useful to set up some controls for the less techie adults in the family as well as for the younger crowd.

Simply download and install our program on your Vista computer!

Additional parental controls are included with Windows Media Center, which is part of Vista. These controls let you restrict access to TV shows and DVDs. You’ll find the controls in Windows Media Center -> Settings -> Parental Controls.

To apply controls to an account, log in under your administrator account, click Start -> Control Panel -> User Accounts And Family Safety -> Set Up Parental Controls For Any User and click the account you wish to configure. In the User Controls dialog, you’ll find switches for turning controls and activity reporting on or off. If you simply switch Parental Controls on without adjusting any other settings, Vista will enforce medium-level Web restrictions and activate reporting.

That's all you need to do to get the real parental control of your child!