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Simply install ContentWasher to protect your children from inappropriate content, social networking risks, strangers, and other threats.

Limit the time
spent at the computer

Access to a computer on a schedule, Counting the time spent at the computer, Automatic shutdown of the computer.

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  • For home safe Internet
  • For organizations Internet under your control

Three-in-One solution for parents !

Protect your children from obscene content in Internet.

Today the Internet is flooded with information which is unsuitable for children to see. It may be acts of violence, explicit porn photos and videos, propaganda of drugs, dangerous cults and sects.

How can we ensure strict parental control in the Internet? Do you want to rid yourself from fears when you leave your child alone with the Web?

We have a solution for you! Now you can:

  • Ban access to webpages, ICQ conversations, or emails if they contain forbidden keywords.
  • Restrict access to the Internet by week days and time of the day.
  • Block porn websites from the black list.
  • Allow the child to visit only those websites that have been approved by parents.
  • Use several predefined categories of forbidden words: Sex, Drugs, Religious Sects, etc.
  • Block ad banners with objectionable content (ads for porn websites).
  • Get a log of Internet usage sent to parents automatically by email.

Limit access to a computer at whole !

Child spends too much time at the computer? Or immediately after school starts to play in the computer games and forget about the lessons?

Control the access to a computer with ContentWasher !

  • Counting the time that kid spends at the computer.
  • Limiting access to a computer in certain hours and days..
  • Ability to view the child's screen and control his computer over the local network.
  • Automatic switching off the computer when allowed time is over.
  • Block computer games by time.

Online System of Parental Control

This online system allows you control the time that your child spend on the computer through internet. You'll be able:

  • To power off the child's computer and to block its using on hour or two;
  • To receive the email messages when your child starts to use the computer;
  • To make the video calls to child's computer;
  • To receive the screenshots and photos from webcam to your email.


Try ContentWasher!
It's free and it takes just a few minutes to download and install the trial version.

ContentWasher for organizations

According to the recent statistics, office workers that enjoy free access to the Internet spend from 20% to 40% of their working hours on personal needs. They chat in ICQ, post to personal blogs, download music, movies or applications, hang around in social networking sites, etc. As a result, the employer has indirect losses related to poor performance in the workplace and extra expenses on Internet traffic.

Do you have similar problems in the office? We have a solution for you! Now you can:

  • Restrict ICQ chats by time or specific contacts.
  • Block any social networking site like Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube.
  • Allow visiting only particular websites.
  • Block ad banners.
  • Set the program to send statistics on employees Internet usage by email.
  • Manage program settings and view a log of Internet usage over a local network from any computer.
  • Use a corporate blocking webpage.

Try ContentWasher!
It's free and it takes a few minutes to download and install the trial version.

Download the Vista parental controls for your child.