Versions history

Version Date What's new
December 2021
  • The new function of checking the queries to the search engines is added.
  • The filtering driver was updated up to the new version.
May 2021
  • The support of blocking videostreams services is added.
  • The filtering of the new version of MS Edge is updated.
  • The filtering driver was updated up to the new version.
March 2020
  • Some insignificant changes.
May 2019
  • The filtering driver was updated up to the new version.
  • Some insignificant changes.
September 2018
  • The filtering driver was updated up to the new version.
  • The function of blocking the site is added, if the program can't decode https traffic.
February 2018
  • Fixed the problem with the filtering of https traffic in Mozilla Firefox browser.
February 2018
  • The filtering driver was updated up to the new version.
  • The support of the special update of the Windows is added.
November 2017
  • The filtering driver was updated up to the new version.
  • The opportunity to disable the filtering of JavaScripts.
February 2017
  • The filtering driver was updated up to the new version.
5.9, 5.10
January 2017
  • The ability to block the QUIC protocol is added.
  • Some insignificant problems are corrected.
August 2016
  • New version of the driver.
  • Some errors are corrected.
December 2015
  • Safe search mode is enhanced (now it supports Google, Yahoo, Bing and Youtube).
  • The support of blocking TCP and UDP ports is added.
August 2015
  • Support of Windows 10.
April 2015
  • The Online System of Parental Control is added.
  • The mode of 'Safe search' is added for Google.
September 2014
  • The opportunity of blocking SPDY protocol is added.
  • Some insignificant enhancements.
May 2014
  • Some insignificant enhancements.
February 2014
  • The function of self-control in internet is added.
  • Now you can specify the duration of one child's session on a computer and the duration of required breaks between sessions.
September 2013
  • The search function through Black and White lists is added.
  • Some problems with the anti-viruses Avira, Bitdefender, NOD32 were corrected.
4.4 July 2013
  • The support of Metro-applications in Windows 8 is enhanced.
4.3 April 2013
  • Some insignificant issues were corrected.
4.2 December 2012
  • Some insignificant problems were corrected.
4.1 October 2012
  • The problem with the sending the reports by email is solved.
4.0 September 2012
  • Added a possibility to control and restrict the computer usage time.
  • You can specify allowed and prohibited computer usage hours.
  • Added temporary "child" passwords for temporary disablement of certain restrictions.
  • Some improvements and corrections
3.1 June 2012
  • The ability to filter https traffic only in browsers.
  • Fixed some bugs.
3.0.0 April 2012
  • Viewing the child's computer screen through local network.
  • Remote reboot and shutdown of the child's computer through local network.
  • Ability to close any program/game on the child's computer through local network.
  • Sending the short messages on a child's computer through LAN.
  • Support of Windows 8.
  • Quick adding the sites in the "Black" list (without password).
  • The possibility of activating the program through a local network.
  • "Black" list of sites broken down into categories - "Explicit sex", "Terrorism", "Other".
  • Categories of "Explicit sex" and "Terrorism" are automatically updated via the Internet.
  • Some bugs of the program are fixed.
2.0.15 December 2011
  • Support of the filtering the Googl's "Live search"
  • Some improvements and corrections
2.0.14 October 2011
  • Choosing the events that will be written in the program's log
  • Support of national domains
  • Automatic program updates through Internet
  • The using of custom blocking page was improved
2.0.11 March 2011
  • The problem with the getting of Windows Updates is solved.
  • The bug in the filtering of https traffic is corrected.
2.0.10 January 2011
  • The program has been renamed to ContentWasher (was TrafficWasher).
2.0.9 January 2011
  • Critical update. Internal certificates were updated.
2.0.8 January 2011
  • Few bugs were fixed.
2.0.7 December 2010
  • The problem of the loosing of Internet connection is solved.
  • The problem with the hibernation mode is solved.
  • The password recovery system is added.
  • The system of sending the program's environment is added.
  • The new category “Other advertisement” with on-line updates is added.
  • The opportunity of automatic addition of the sites to the white list from the Web filter is added.
  • The function of prohibition of the system time change has been improved.
  • A lot of small improvements.
2.0.6 October 2010
  • Support of the MS Active Directory
2.0.5 May 2010
  • The new group of the forbidden words - "Terrorism".
  • The checking of ICQ messages has been improved.
  • The opportunity to filter the https protocol.
2.0.1 April 2010
  • The opportunity to synchro the program settings on several computers in local network.
  • The synchro of the Black list with the list from our web site.
  • The opportunity to block the downloads of any files from Internet.
2.0.0 March 2010
  • The support of 64 bit versions of MS Windows.
  • The compatibility with Windows 7 is improved.
  • The remote configuring of the program through LAN is added.
  • Insignificant modifications.
1.0.0 November 2009
  • The version 1.0 is released.